Two Books At A Time

Back on my reading game and loving it. Currently rereading Eat & Run(Scott Jurek) and first-timin’ the vibe with Light On Yoga(B.K.S. Iyengar). The two couldn’t be more different. Much like myself. Opposite sides of the same coin.


One is about one man’s journey to become the world’s best ultramarathon runner. While the other serves as an educational tool combined with spiritual guide as I seek to deepen my yoga practice.

I love both reads. But not equally. My first time reading Jurek’s own account of hardship turned into triumph took me only a few days to find it’s end. I could hardly put it down. This time around feels like a familiar ride. One where I still find the passing views interesting.

Iyengar ‘s ‘Light… ‘ has me purposely moving through its pages at a turtle’s pace. Oftentimes taking in the same pages repeatedly in hopes of sinking deeper in. Or rather within.


They both feed my inquisitive yet restless spirit as I seek answers to the question, How can I become a better athlete while discovering an unforeseen wholeness in body, mind and spirit? Vibin.’ Readin.’ Learnin’. Livin’.


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