Green Labor Day

While everyone else was grilling, cooking out or ordering up a second round of drinks today, I was stuck inside clinging to the lowly bowels that is retail. Happy Labor Day Shon.

And I ask of you, who insists upon exchanging stale air with strangers in a temperature controlled environment when you could very well be out gettin’ ya’ yoga on on a SUP board? Just sayin’. In a British accent of course.

Ahhh…to do away with a scheduled life and to just live. That is the dream. For now it is a quiet scream only heard by other star watchers wearing white vests and no socks. Insert laugh track here.

Started my day with a bagel. Rather unusual for me. Even had a sudden urge for an iced coffee. Heavily sweetened. Glad I nixed that last one. Besides it took that bagel forever to digest.

Was glad I’d packed my Nutribullet along with some fruit and greens. Sucks when I forget my chia seeds and flaxseed. Managed to keep my at work all damn Labor Day vibe green in spite of the mini piles of snack size chocolates that seemed to be everywhere in the store.

First green on deck was Cherry Valance. You saw the movie. What a difference more ice makes. That’s one bonafide smoothie right there.


In between The Simpsons marathon and The Kardashians always-on-athon I managed to squeeze in another green goodie. We’ll call this one Pineapple Express. Nope didn’t see the movie. Still Franco fever forever. It’s more juice than smoothie. So it’s a smuice. Totally made that one up last night. Enjoy!



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