Light On Yoga

I’ve been reading every night before bed since I can remember. Doesn’t matter how late, tired or a few drinks in I may be, I have to peel back a few pages to ease my mind and release the day.

My new nightly read is Light On Yoga by the recently passed B.K.S. Iyengar. When I slid into the Barnes & Noble on The Promenade last Sunday night in search of a book explaining the many yoga positions and somewhat cryptic terms often used in class, I had no idea it would lead me to the man who’d pioneered the vibe to the Western world.


Sure I’d read the many posts and articles honoring the guru at the time of his death. I chose not to weigh in or to put up some random pic displaying trend. Truth is I didn’t know much about B.K.S. Iyengar and didn’t want to pretend otherwise.


Always a seeker of truth I do best to listen whenever my heart speaks. Intuition if you will. Call me a tree hugger. A fool for symbolism. Maybe even a kooky watcher of signs. But I know that it was my need to understand more about my yoga practices as I delve deeper is what led me to the man who built the foundation.


A student of life I shall always be. Possessing the eagerness of a curious child. Always on a quest for more than just knowledge. Never afraid to venture. Humbled each time by my very findings.


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