Time To Snag A New Journal

Really starting to pay close attention again to how food fuels my workouts and influence my emotions. I would always use the term food is fuel in conversations where I felt the need to stress its importance in relation to the output of energy.

It is important. But I no longer believe food is fuel. Food is, simply put, food. The cravings. The denials. The restrictions. All of the emotions attached to our eating habits. Good and bad.

At the beginning of my journey, April 27, 2013, I journaled a lot. Partly due to my existence still on the outer edges of a broken relationship. The other part was a need to explore a relationship I had neglected for some time. The one I had with food.

Writing down everything that I ate on a daily never felt like I was secretly penalizing myself for not eating perfect or clean. It was more of a freeing vibe. By letting my pen flow I was able to see how my day started and ended. The moods. The food choices based on moods. The highs. The lows. And the days when my groove seemed in balance and I actually smiled more. I like those kind of days.

Keeping track of the foods that work best within my body makes it easier for me to weed out the ones that leave me feeling bloated, irritated, anxious and lethargic.

I was journaling before the journey. But the need for real change in my life hadn’t really kicked in yet. Once I decided to put some action behind the words my life improved. Nothing magical. No wish list. Being consistent was the key. Time for a new journal.



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