Nike Fuels My Better

Popped into the Nike store in Santa Monica on Sunday to see if they could take a peek at my barely there Nike Fuelband. Rose Gold. Limited edition. Compliments of being a participant in this year’s NTC Tour in LA.


That was back in March. Hadn’t taken my fuelband off since. Except whenever I would go for a swim or take a shower. It’s water resistant. Not waterproof. I love this thing. It’s daily motivation clasped to my wrist.


So you can only imagine how bummed I was when I discovered it was no longer tracking my training sessions nor syncing with the Fuelband application. My first indication that something was wrong was the clock. Time was going backwards. All I needed now was a DeLorean and a fresh pair of Nike Air Mags. Size 10. I play basketball too.

Back to the story. I had taken it into the Nike store before and was told it just needed to be updated. Thought the same held true this time. Not so. Sale associate Devin performed a few mini Swoosh emergency surgeries to my dying Rosy to no avail. “She’s gone. I have to learn how to face it…” Okay, enough with the Hall & Oates moment.



Then I heard a chill voice interrupt the constant singing in my head. “You can go up front and they’ll give you another one.” Wait. What? Were the Nike gods speaking directly to me? I even looked up.


No. It was Devin again. I quickly grabbed my board and headed straight for the checkout. No line. Sweet. It took all of two minutes for them to swap out my old Fuelband with a newer one. Just like that. Gotta love Nike!


Rosy, I’m gonna miss you baby. We took a lot of gym classes together and racked up an insane amount of fuelpoints. But there’s a new girl in town and her name is Goldirocks. We’re about to add another chapter to this fitness story. The beginning…



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