5 Ways To Guarantee Your Unhappiness

We all do it. So let’s get right to it.

1. Not speaking your mind Mums the word. Nope! It’s not. Say exactly what’s on your mind at the time or you will spend all day mulling over what you should have said during that particular conversation or situation. Don’t render your point moot by opening mouth too late and inserting boot.

2. Doing what others expect Don’t wanna go out with friends? Tell ’em no and you’ll catch up with ’em next time on the high and low. Don’t wanna start a new diet or fitness challenge with your bestie or gym boo? Tell ’em I support you but I’m gonna do me this round.

3. Over planning Feeling compelled to have to say yes to every single invite means you’re incapable of saying no for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Life is filled with disappointments. You’ve heard the saying before. So wake me up before you go go but this time I’m gonna have to say no no.

4. Always explaining yourself It’s weak. Also reads “lacks self-assuredness.” Flashing lights. Enough said.

5. Not accepting where you are in your journey Stop longing for other people’s lives, bodies, willpower, social status, fame or whatever it is you think they might have. Oftentimes what you see is not really what’s there at all. Cue the mirage. Even if it is, it is their road to take. Not yours to follow. Love yourself enough to know that.


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