3 Ways To Save Time In The Morning

On a daily I find myself losing time in the morning. Why? Too much social networking. Which the term in and of itself I find baffling because oftentimes there is no socializing or true networking going on.

It is merely a glimpse at other people’s lives scrolling by at a Roadrunner’s pace. Or at least that is our perception. For now I will leave that for another day’s discussion.

If you’re a daily commuter like me you have to pack way more stuff in various bags than your car buddies. That takes time. Especially if you’re trying to balance it all on a longboard. Kick. Push.

This morning I shaved off forty minutes of my usual routine by simply doing these three things:

Don’t go on Instagram But feel free to follow me @gymclasseshero if the spirit moves you.


Don’t go on Facebook This one was easy because I’m no longer on Facebook. Get ya’ hack on. Just leave me out of it.


Don’t go on Twitter Currently on. Convinced I am talking to myself. Scoob and Shaggy can solve that mystery. A quick departure I foresee.



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