Cornelius Keeps Yoga Sculpt Hot


Rolled up to Hot8 Yoga, Beverly Hills address, last Thursday evening on my trusted Arbor, Bamboo. I name all of my boards. I’m normal like that. Almost bit it because the chick in front of me was actually weaving instead of walking. Of course while talking on her phone. Turns out we were headed in the same direction. I silently prayed that we weren’t taking the same class. She didn’t sound too happy.

But I was. Happy that is. I was taking my second hot yoga class. It would also be my second yoga sculpt class. My usual stoke was at an all time high because tonight’s class was being taught by Cornelius. I’d heard about him weeks ago from a fellow coworker who swore by his greatness. It was her favorite class. Obviously.


Have to say, he did not disappoint. After having everyone shift their mats down more than a few times, I thought the stream of yogis would never end, we got ready to sweat. And sweat we did.

After jotting down the names of all newcomers and second timers we began. Cue the waterfalls. The next hour was spent rapidly interchanging traditional yoga poses with calistenthics and light weights. Not for the faint hearted. Consider yourself warned. Yoga sculpt is NTC meets yoga in a hot ass room. Literally. My sweat was sweating.

Cornelius kept the vibe hilariously flowing. Reminding us to breathe and calling out anyone who may have plopped down on their mat for too long or any lone yogi headed for the door. The few departures were water bottle refills or some panting soul in desperate need of a few seconds of cool air. Surprisingly no one left. Instead they came back for more. A true testament to his class’ popularity and instruction.

His style and no nonsense approach is unmatched. I loved it. Not to mention the musical playlist which ranged from the oh so sexy to mid-range hype back to the sublime as we all finally collapsed into a much needed shavasana at the hour’s end. I will be back in the Hot8 Yoga house this Thursday night with Cornelius. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Unless someone’s standing out front selling acai bowls and mini handheld fans. Kidding…Not about the acai bowls.


Hot8 Yoga 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. 310-986-6420. Catch up with Cornelius here Also check the Hot8 Yoga schedule online to see when he’s teaching again.


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