I’m A Vegan Foodie Fool

I’m a vegan. I’m a vegan foodie. I’m a vegan foodie fool. Enough said. Most people assume I subsist on grass and trees. Oh yeah and nuts. Not true. Although I eat fairly clean, definitely not 801010, I love my cupcakes and chips. There it is I used the dreaded C word. Coachella?


My life is now. It is the only one that I have. There are no others being handed out. Well, except maybe at Disneyland if you stand in the left line holding a yellow bag. I recognize that there are certain foods that won’t shoutout my waistline if I eat them with a total disregard for my health and fitness regimen. But I also know that I won’t spend every waking hour, minute or second obsessing over what’s going into my mouth. Being a vegan is annoying enough. There I said it. And I’d say it again if my mouth weren’t so full.


Crunching on my fave Trader Joe’s Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Chunky Olive Hummus as a not quite ripened mango eyes me suspiciously from across the room. Yes, my fruit talks to me. About what I have no idea. It seems to be a hidden mutual understanding. In the meantime in between the green time enjoy the pics. I already ate the food. Yum!


A little indulgence if you will.











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