Supplementing Sucks

Well, at least in this case. Did a little experiment a few weeks ago after popping into Whole Fizzle for a chlorophyll juice. All on a whim. Had no idea I would walk out with all of these powders and bars. But I did. I guess that’s what a good in store demo will do to ya’. Up to bat is the Amazing Meal line. Which I would find to be not so amazing later on.



Spending so much time in gyms I always seem to be around someone vigorously shaking a cup of something in hopes of enhancing their performance. At least that’s what they’re thinking. Or maybe that’s just me shaking my head while silently judging. Either way no bueno.



Supplement by definition means add an extra element or add to. In the fitness world food and nutrition or the idea is constantly being distorted to push product. Batter up! I never feel pressured to buy because I don’t buy into any of it.

I don’t believe in diets. Of any sort. Pills. Potions. Suddenly Nicki Minaj is now playing inside my head. Or powders that speed up your metabolism, quicken your heart rate and briefly aid in weightloss. I use the word briefly because once you start taking a product and stop taking it after reaching said goal you gain all the weight back and then some. Why? Because these bullshit weightloss programs are preaching restrictive guidelines instead of teaching people how to form healthier eating habits over a period of time. Although Amazing Meal is not part of the current weightloss hustle, one must ask them self how healthy can it be to rely on getting all of your nutrition from a powdered form? Swing batter!



It’s no secret that I use Vega Sport Performance Protein. I see ya’ rolling your eyes mumbling, “She got some nerve.” I do. Balls to the wall. Let’s do this.

I use Vega to quickly recover in between workouts. It’s great for muscle repair. That’s it. And that’s all folks. It doesn’t help me lose weight. I did that on my own by stop eating take out on a daily and guzzling bottles of wine down nightly. Oh yeah and deciding to eat more greens and move my ass on a regular basis. Runner on first.

Excuse me while I do a quick rewind. Nicki’s still singing. We were talking about the Amazing Meal dietary-supplement-superfood-I-promise-you’ll-feel-great-it’s-better-than-chopping-fruits-and-vegetables line. Demos. And cool looking hippie chicks touting the benefits of getting your greens from a plastic container. Once again no bueno. Gold star for presentation though. After listening to the spiel which surprisingly did not sound like a spiel, I snagged a tub of the Chocolate Infusion (added protein and superfoods) and the Tangerine Immunity Green Superfood. Although I loved my morning mix of kale and spinach I was still curious. Grabbed a few of their superfoods bars, a couple of nectarines, almond milk and some chips and hummus. Not by them. But clearly the better choice. Rounding second.


That Black Olive hummus or hummos(spell check for the hell bent) was so bomb. Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla chips? Get some in yo’ life. And everybody knows Whole Foods produce is always on point which I would imagine is their rationale for dem high ass prices.

The only purchase I was not pleased with was the Amazing Meal. I used it twice a day for about a week so I could fairly assess my vibe. I said all of all that to say this, stick to eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables. They are the real deal. Better for you in terms of cell reproduction, cleaner digestion and a more balanced body.

While taking Amazing Meal I felt as though I was starving my body. My stomach felt dirty and looked hella bloated. Constipation and I became close friends. Not to mention my energy was off. Dismal at best. If you’ve ever been around me you know I’m a hyper light switch. Always on.

Also, the taste was not smooth and groovy. More like rough and gritty. Even when blended in a smoothie. Ruff Ryders mount up! Needless to say I returned both powders. Bars weren’t so bad. But probably would not buy them again. You live. You learn. And sometimes you get burned. If you’re smart, you’ll always end up back home. Safe!


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