Yoga Runs Deep

Something cool always happens on a Wednesday. This past Wednesday was no exception. I couldn’t help but smile as I fell into my day. Word on the yogic street was that Melvin was back. Deep Red AKA Spoken Yoga himself.


Love Melvin. More importantly, I love doing yoga with Melvin. Although he was not my first yoga experience he is the reason why I’ve added it to my fitness repertoire. These past few weeks have been a blur. It seemed whenever I was scheduled to work he was teaching. Or vice versa.

I was beginning to feel a bit out of sorts. My body was losing its fluidity. And my mind’s chatter had gone beyond the incessant. My spirit craved the dope anecdotes that he would espouse between poses. Reminding us that yoga reached far beyond the mat. That it really had nothing to do with our flow in the studio. Or in this case, a 24HR Fitness gym class. At least that’s what I had always taken away.


Melvin has a way of connecting life’s dots. I’m not sure if it’s because of his spoken word background or the darkened room that has become customary in his practice. I just know that something special always happens. No matter how mentally worn or physically drained I am upon arrival, I always leave feeling more restored. And definitely more balanced. In other words I’m bothered less by the bullshit once my board hits the boulevard.


I know I am not the only person who feels this way. No sooner than Shavasana ends there’s a bee line of students hugging and thanking Melvin for that day’s practice. You see we all believe that his words are solely for us.

That yoga is not to be just left on the mat. That it comes into play daily with our interactions with other people. Or everyday life shit. It isn’t perfection. It isn’t mastering a pose. It’s finding yourself in those moments when you’ve realized that you’re no longer dangling. You’re holding on.


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