Mini Coco Berry Ice Cubes

This was a fun one to make. Last recipe was Mini Green Tea Ice Cubes . I forgot to pick up Popsicle molds yesterday. Definitely on my to do list. Can’t wait to eat these as Popsicles. Yes, they’re that good. Didn’t have to add any sweetener. Yes, I licked each cube before dropping into my Nutribullet cup. Couldn’t resist. They looked that yummy.



Kept it simple again by using only two ingredients.

frozen berries
coconut water



GCH TIP:I let the berries soften a bit so more of the natural sugar could mix with the coconut water.



Voila! Perfection. Add these mini cubes to your fruit juices or smoothies. Or pour into Popsicle molds and dig on a natural summer treat. Enjoy!


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