Fancy Water Recycled

I skate pretty much everywhere. Especially with L.A.’s public transportation being so great and all.

On a daily I shoot for downing a gallon of water before nightfall. Easy to do. Not always convenient to carry when you’re strapped with a pack filled with gym gear, a tablet, whatever book I’m reading(currently 801010) and a few pocket size journals. Not to mention the small Athleta tote with my lunch and snacks. It’s a good thing I skate goofy and take yoga. Talk about balance and core work.


Each week I seem to amass a tiny collection of water bottles. Big and small. I know the plastic police are up in arms. Why aren’t you using a glass bottle? Save the planet. What about our oceans? Carbon footprint. Yes, I’m familiar. And they’re all valid points. I do recycle.

But I also skate. Skaters slam all the time. Meaning at any given time you can be just cruising along and suddenly find yourself doing a face plant on Beverly. So carrying a glass bottle, although enclosed in a thick rubber, would not be safe. So for now I’m stuck with the plastic. Well, at least until I buy a car. Or maybe you buy me a car.


I have found a way to slowly erase my footprint. Instead of just tossing my weekly collection into the blue recycling bins on the side of my apartment building, and buying more filled, I now use them to make my own infused waters and detox concoctions. Also refilling my empty gallons with alkaline water at PowerZone and reusing my smaller water bottles to lighten my load keeps the vibe planet friendly. And me more balanced. Literally.



Yesterday’s water was cucumber and lemon. One of my faves. It’s great when I want to:

•Feel less bloated
•Feel refreshed


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