RPM NTC and Boba Tea

It’s no secret that I love NTC. Nike Training Club. Nunchucks Training Combined. Okay, that last one is just not true. Wanted to see if I’d catch you napping in between comics.

Coming next to the stage is everybody’s favorite full body workout, “N…T…C…”. In your best boxing announcer’s voice. Or mine. No need to throw in the towel. I’m just getting warmed up.


Last Wednesday, I pulled the tour bus up to the 24HR Fitness(Santa Monica Super Sport) on 31st St, relaxed the brake. And headed through the doors to my first class after checking in.

RPM with Monica Benyamin was on deck. Started digging on cycling a few months back because of a super fit guy named Kyler. And of course fellow coworker, Jeff, who’s more than just an avid cyclist. He races with Bahati.

I’m not ready to join any cycling clubs. But these two guys are the reason for my initial interest.


Back to school. RPM(Revolutions per minute) is an indoor cycling class that falls under the Les Mills umbrella. I’m typically not a fan of their workouts because the choreography is never seamless and the music is always cheesy. Somebody order a pie?

I’ve taken Les Mills BodyPump, Turbo Kick and Body Attack to be able to draw this conclusion. Yes, more than a few times in case the LM cheerleaders doing splits in the front row were wondering. Release the hounds. Or in your case pom poms.

Luckily, Monica(Fit Moni B) was teaching this class. She’s one of my NTC instructors so I knew she would bring it. The class was challenging. Felt like I was pedaling to Malibu beach and back. Music was bearable. I’m guessing because she carefully selected tracks from the homogenous list.

Still not a fan of Les Mills styled workouts. Definitely a great first RPM experience though. Meeting class regular Marvin was a highlight. He suggested I invest in cycling shoes to avoid shin splints. Will do.


Round 2. Next up…NTC. But not before I snag a Boba Tea. Another first. Had an hour to kill between classes. Jumped on board to see if I could find the tiny place I’d spotted earlier. Bubble Boba. Post workout recovery in full effect. Kick. Push.






Minutes later. Score! Popped in. Asked a bunch of questions. Mostly vegan related. Then left with a very tasty matcha green tea with coconut and almond milk. Say yum three times boys and girls. Tapioca balls? They were the best balls I’ve ever had.




Stop! Nike Training time! Hadn’t been to a class in Santa Monica in almost a year. Had no expectations other than having a good workout. It was. And then some. Monica was teaching this one too. Insane rounds of partner drills. Two lines of NTCers splitting the room in half. Running and swivel kicking their hearts to glory. And of course weights. There’s always weights. I lost consciousness after the mountain climbers.

It was nice to see familiar faces Mark, Corinne, Isis and Jenn. At some point I started singing MJ’s, You Are Not Alone. For some reason the music inside my head is very loud.

Officially met Hulk and Maynor. Fellow classmates who’ve attained NTC beast mode status in my book. I’d seen them in other classes. Just didn’t know their names. Hi fellas. Thanks for making the rest of us look like we were just dialing it in.





Great bunch of kids over in Santa Monica. It’s official…NTC High is expanding. See ya’ on the next tour stop!



One thought on “RPM NTC and Boba Tea

  1. Funny as always, Shon. Yes, SaMo has their beasties in full swing. Love ALL my cycling and NTC craziness peeps across SoCal! ā™”ā™”ā™”

    Always a pleasure reading your thoughts. šŸ˜€

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