Finding Myself In Social Media

No pics. No phrases. Nothing snappy to say as I wait for yoga to begin. Avoiding the guy who breathes way too frickin’ loud. Like right now. And class hasn’t even started yet.

Okay, back to the original idea. In my seven months on THE GRAM, one month under THE PRESS and talking to myself on TWITTER I’ve decided to take my life back. Again. For the second time.

Opinions, like the people who form them too quickly, are fickle. Tastes change rapidly. You’ve heard this before. No surprise there. What I’ve learned in such a short amount of time is that no one really likes anyone. Let the shaking of the heads begin. Collecting frowns all around.

I know popular opinion begs to differ. Making that exactly my point. If we’re all preoccupied with following other peoples lives, where’s the time to lead our own? I too for a brief moment was bitten by the bug. Feel free to name it. At your own choosing.

Then I decided to give up the ghost of approval. The one that would continue to haunt me long after I would put up a post. Days later even. Wondering who why or why not and so on. I revisited the initial reason why I started this hand jive. Patted my own self on the back. And enjoyed writing again.

Although I am grateful for those who find my daily rambles somewhat entertaining, I have no other expectation(s). Well, except maybe to find a smushed vegan cupcake in my mailbox as a true expression of your love.



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