Lose The Routine


Aren’t you tired already? You’ve been doing the same workout day in and…Sorry. Fell asleep just thinking about how boring routine sounds.

That goes for all areas of your life. For now we’ll just stick to fitness. I’ll leave the muckety muck of all that relationship jazz to the likes of Dr. Phil and my weekly ritual viewing of the same Sex and the City marathon.

Seriously though switch it up. Especially if you want to see lasting results. Cross training is key. Keeps the body guessing and injury free. At this point you’re probably expecting a list of suggestions. Wait for it…Wait for it…

Not gonna happen. By now you should know if you’re a gym rat, gym class student or studio goer. In other words you should be tree huggin’ your fitness journey right about now. It’s different for everyone. The only thing we all have in common as we attempt to Hansel and Gretel the vibe is our freedom of choice.

I decide. You decide. We decide. To stop being afraid of change. Enough said.

That’s my time y’all. My name is Shon Lomax. Don’t forget to validate on your way out. Good night.



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