I’m Glowin’

Phone stopped charging last night while at the gym. Ugh! Tried every outlet in my apartment to no avail. After pulling out my hair I conceded to the fact that I would not be able to post anymore thoughts or yesterday’s gym classes to social media. At least not for the moment. I’m sure my eighteen Twitter followers were up in arms.

Awoke this morning to a quickly disappearing battery life. Called Sprint. Guy Martin was of no real help. His name’s not Guy. He’s just a guy named Martin.Blah blah blah. Hanging up now Martin. Ironically met another Martin yesterday in my RPM class who was very helpful in recommending that I get cycling shoes. Maybe the two should meet.

I’m not one of those people who can’t go a minute without their phone. I’m one of those people who can’t go a second without their phone. Decided to take matters into my own feet. Two buses later, I was pushing my Arbor down Melrose in the direction of the Sprint store. Wait. What’s this?






Alas, another green haven somewhat hidden amongst the overpriced wares housed on the popular street. Could it be? If I’d been skating any faster I would have missed it.

Turned my board around and headed for the organic Oz. I was immediately greeted by Diego from behind the counter who was super helpful. But not overbearing. He waited patiently while I perused the menu and got a feel for the place. I liked Glow Bio.



Finally settled on the Active Chocolate Shake. Decided to shake the vibe up even more by adding pre-hydrated chia seeds, some bee pollen and a little bit of probiotics to keep everything flowing. Thanks for the tip Diego.


Glow Bio is the organic juices and smoothies shop brainchild of Kimberly Snyder. You may have heard about The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods in veganic circles worldwide. Or her name rolling off of the tongues of every other celebrity gliding down the red carpet. Both books written by Snyder advise on eating more greens. Enabling us to find more balance in the foods we eat and drink.




BIO stands for Balance Inside Out”. And that’s exactly how I felt as I skated off while sipping on my very yummy cup of life. Oh yeah I eventually ended up at the Apple store at The Grove. Turns out I needed a new cable. Decided to throw in a new earpiece too. Hey, it’s all under warranty still. Sort of like our bodies. As long as we continue to invest.


Glow Bio 7473 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046


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