Step It Up NTC High


Arrived to class a few minutes late on Sunday. And I mean merely a few minutes. Only to discover there were no more steps. Problem? Yes, if the class is NTC Step.

Hurriedly greeted fellow classmates Ashanti and Roosevelt as I squeezed past the many bodies already warming up. Ashanti offers, “Shon, we can share my step. Alternating.” I nodded, “Cool” and sat my water and towel down. In swoops gym teacher Fit Moni B(Monica on gym schedule ) to the rescue. No more steps? No problem. “You can use mine.”

Yayyyy…I thought. Head of the class. Here I come. Until I realized that her step was like twelve risers high. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It was eleven.


I felt pretty confident as I approached Monica’s mountain. One of the best NTC instructors was allowing me to enter her domain. Have to say I was more than just flattered. Focus Shon. And for Nikesakes don’t trip over the step.


Monica did her usual round of demos before each exercise. I love this approach. It serves its educational purposes and reinforces safety first. A good instructor never assumes the class is familiar with moves or drills. Even if they are.

The energy was high. Music on point. Outkast was taking us back as we lunged forward. Smiles, although some painful, all around. Everybody was puttin’ in work. No rivalry. No competition. Each student pushing the next. Words of encouragement flowed. Shouts of support rang even louder.

Thanks Jermaine for that extra push while doing those tricep dips. Even when people stopped moving it seemed like they were still moving. Probably because Monica is always encouraging us to do just that. “I don’t care if you modify but you can’t just stand around in my class.”


Another great one for the NTC High books. Yearbook that is. Coming soon to a fruit stand near you. Be sure and buy some apples.


The NTC High bus will be pulling up again tomorrow. Next stop 24HR Fitness Santa Monica Super Sport 2929 31St Street Santa Monica,CA 90405


Ummm… in case anyone wants to bring snacks, I like juice boxes, vegan cupcakes. Oh yeah and pretty ponies. Imaginary ones.



3 thoughts on “Step It Up NTC High

  1. Another GREAT BLOG in the books! Always a bonus when you can make the reader LOL! Looking forward to hanging with you in Santa Monica SUPER Sport! I’ve already warned them about yyyyoouuu 0_0 … In a loving way of course. πŸ˜‰

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