Saturday 80/10/10 AM

Woke up feeling pretty groovy. Fell asleep in the wee hours reading 80/10/10. I’ve not made much headway. Everyday life shit. Gym classes. No sun. Retail dwell. Timepiece free. Looking for snacks. Needed to brush my hair. Instagram. Now Twitter.


No pressure. Decided to take it off and enjoy the educational ride instead. Recognizing it as another tool or resource I can use or refer to for added health benefits.

Since taking the approach of reading a few pages a day and not forcing the all or nothing vibe I’ve begun to notice a few small changes in my daily flow. Good ones.


I’m journaling again. Food intake(no diets or calorie counting over here) That day’s gym class. How I feel. Which foods give me energy. Which foods deplete it. Doing this before is what lead to my initial weight loss(47 lbs).

It was a way to remain consistent and avoid the emotional eating traps of my unhealthy environment at the time. So it was more out of desperation than habit. I will admit that I slacked off once my situation improved. No good.
This time around feels more natural. Healthy habit forming.

Although I have maintained the weight loss for over a year now, I’ve seen my progress slowed to not quite a snail’s pace. But almost. I’d convinced myself that I’d arrived. That everything was all good. It wasn’t . Slight fluctuations in weight and adding more processed vegan fare to my daily menu was the death knell signaling the contrary.

So I’d like to thank Dr. Douglas Graham beforehand. Although I’ve not completed reading 80/10/10 in its first week of purchase as I had so flippantly remarked to myself. Each day that I read a page I gain more insight into who I am becoming. Discovering answers to my endless questions on health, nutrition and how food consumption truly shapes our lives as well as our thinking.



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