Mini Recovery Post Workout


Sometimes I feel as though I lead the strangest life. One where it seems I’m always standing. But on my head. Especially as of late. While most folk are sleeping I am wide awake. Thinking. Always thinking. Unless I’m actually sleeping while assumed to be awake. Another thought to ponder.

Stop! “There’s no more room up here”, screams a big voice with a tiny head. True. Another not so hidden voice chimes in, “Hey, shut it Biggie Tiny I just thought of another recipe.”

Alas, it ’tis true. Seems I come up with the best ways to replenish and refuel after waking up from a 2:00 a.m. nap. Post gym sesh(session for the sticklers). I always refuel with Vega Sport Performance Protein while still at the gym. Speeds up my recovery. I also feel better in between workouts. Especially the strenuous ones like NTC and kickboxing where I’m banging up my joints on a regular.

Still figuring out this food thing. When to eat? What to eat? Why am I always so hungry? It’s been even harder since increasing my workouts. I don’t want all of my physical efforts to be wasted as the result of poor food choices. Or ill timed meals.

Short sigh in. I will keep trying until I find the right food combinations that leave me feeling satiated, sustained and replenished. Love this Mini Recovery drink. Hits the spot when you still need a little something extra in your tank.


frozen banana
frozen berries
chia seed
1/2 scoop Vega
decaf green tea ice cubes
unsw vanilla almond milk



4 thoughts on “Mini Recovery Post Workout

  1. I have been looking for a low calorie protein powder. Is there any that you suggest? I have heard that designer whey is good, have you tried it?

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