Turn Down For What


The fitness “turn up” is real. Always has been. But especially during the summer months. Everyone commits to a life of eating salads and juice cleanses. Partaking in the latest fitness craze whether they like it or not while grazing on a plate of organic greens all in the name of willpower.

So you’re hungry all of the time doing a workout you really hate? Wait. What?

Not me. I do whatever I want. I eat whatever I like. Suddenly I want vegan cookies. I do me. Loose translation I have fun. That’s a problem for most people. Deciding if what they’re doing is even something they enjoy. Their fitness routine has become just that, a routine. Hold up wait a minute let me put some real in it.

Okay, my singing’s slightly off key but you get the remix. Let’s put the fun back in fitness. Let’s do it together. Why do you think I take so many different classes? “Because you’re a complete and absolute nut.”
Hey, I heard that. And yes I am.


I’ll be that fitness nut if it means releasing you from the bowels of predictability and uncertainty. Lose the adult for a second and think like a kid for a moment. Keep it simple. Ask yourself What do I like to do? Then go out and do it. Lose the comparisons or the need to follow the herd.

Be honest with yourself and those in your circle. Tell your boyfriend that you don’t like lifting weights. Freak your roommate out by blurting out how boring that barre class really is. It’s okay. I promise you’ll feel better. You also might discover that you use to like kickball and there’s an open adult league that plays every Wednesday night. Or that the expensive road bike you bought last year can be ridden without a group.

Just get it in. And for Pilates sakes have fun.

Oh yeah the food thing. We all struggle. Including me. Being vegan isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. In spite of the perfectly plated food we see posted daily with yet another life changing quote hovering via social network, it’s hard to find a balance.


If more people admitted this they’d have a better life. In turn making it a better world. Okay, I just had a Disney moment. Wrong song. Movin’ on.

When I sat down to write this I had no real intention other than to encourage you to try something different. Or new. To turn up your fitness. Somehow it became about a little bit more with some chicken-less salad thrown in for good measure. Trader Joe’s has a great tasting one but the soy and wheat gluten kill my vibe every time. O’ the stomach woes.

Here’s the thing, life isn’t short. It isn’t restriction. It isn’t judgement, passing guilt or drudgery. It is constant and ever changing. Dig on it__while finding the right balance. The one that works for you.



6 thoughts on “Turn Down For What

  1. I love this! As someone who spent YEARS doing shake after shake because it was instructed I finally found what makes me feel good and a balance. It feels like people are where I was 5 yrs ago. …everyone is drinking green stuff hyping up their running bibs on Facebook. Go hard or go home only lasts so long if you don’t enjoy it!

  2. Exactly. And thanks for reading. “Do you” will always be my vibe. Glad you’re doing the same. Following your own lead is always cool. I read, incorporate and borrow from others all of the time. But ultimately I decide what works for me.

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