Ice Cream Before The Workout


Yup! That’s what I said. Ice cream before the workout. Come on, let’s break all the rules.


Let the vegan cursing begin! Before your eyes roll completely out of your head, peep the recipe.

•short Nutribullet cup
•frozen berries, pineapples
•coconut water

I may have thrown some chia seed up in the mix. Can’t remember. Whipped this up one day before NTC(Nike Training Club). The best damn thing ever.


If you’re like me and stuck with a Nutribullet(until Santa brings me a Blendtec or Vitamix)
I suggest letting the fruit soften for a few minutes before blending. The Nutribullet blades are not that strong. Mine started producing a burning rubber smell a few months after I got it. So I try not to stress it out.


You can make your own ice cream with pretty much any frozen fruit combination. Even using water for the base. I flipped the vibe nutritionally with the coconut water to sustain me through NTC. It worked! Definitely a keeper for summer recipes.






4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Before The Workout

  1. No worries Jay! There are honestly not enough hours in the day. Tons of stuff I wanna do. It all looks perfectly doable in my head. Just appreciate your reading. Look for more recipes discovered as the result of crazy life occurrences.

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