Monday Green


Yesssss…I know it’s Tuesday. 12:24 in the a.m. to be exact. So sue me and buy me a baby wig in the process. My head sometimes gets cold.

Awesome day today in every way. Discovered that you can make someone’s day by simply listening. Acknowledging that they have something to say. Giving value to the the moment instead of making it about yourself.

Simple things. Life’s mood swings. Anonymous doorbell rings. We’re all guest in each other’s houses. Be sure not to leave a mess.

Zumba class last night with Lesley Bayran(Lesley B.) at 24HR Fitness in Hollywood. Awesome. Spirit lifting. Cardio driven. Calorie burning. Crossing all genres of dance and music while sticking to its Latin roots.


Touch back down on my planet later today for the next post Zumba Lesley B & MJ


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