Mini Green Tea Ice Cubes


Fell asleep the other night while reading. A cup of decaf green tea was left to its own steeping devices. Awoke a few hours later. All the lights were still on. This wasn’t the first time I’d nodded off before having my nightly cup.

Noticed the cup of tea, now cold, with its bag floating on the surface. Instead of pouring it out, like always, I decided to add a bit of agave syrup and pour the strong tasting brew into mini ice trays to freeze. Huh? I know.


Got the idea from all of the “make your own” Popsicle posts that clog Instagram’s daily feed. Thought I’d apply the same idea. But to ice cubes. Sometimes I like to add them to my smoothies to thicken the texture. What better way to add more antioxidants to the vibe? They taste great too.


Using a measuring cup with a spout makes for easier pouring. You don’t need a lot of agave. Just a hint of sweetness.

•cup of green tea
•tbsp agave

Now that I think about it you can do this with any of your fave drinks. Even pureeing fruit. The ideas are endless.

Think I’ll try my hand at Popsicles next. I’ll let you know how they turn out.





2 thoughts on “Mini Green Tea Ice Cubes

  1. Thanks Jay! The ideas are endless. Gonna try it with coconut water, fruit and different teas too. I’ll post those too. Let me know how yours turn out.

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