A NTC & Yoga Kind Of Day


This morning was a series of snooze alarms. With each eight minute warning I’d convince myself there was more time. There wasn’t. Nike Training Club beckoned. Yes, I saw the Swoosh signal shining through my window.

It had been a week of late hours, overtime and little sleep. Where would I get the strength? Besides, my Nike suit was at the dry cleaners. Gone were my powers. Or so I thought.


Five snooze alarms later. Swung out of bed. Okay, it was more like a slow roll. Unpeeled the earplugs. Guess you didn’t read my, “Sleepless in L.A.” post. Had a big yellow cup of warm lemon water. Found both contacts this time. It’s a miracle. “I can see.”

Showered. Donned my Zella shield. Slipped into my Aquaman inspired Nikes(TR Fit 3 BREATHE) and made a mini smoothie while I waited for my Uber to arrive. I had already missed the 108 bus.

Arrived to an unusually quiet 24HR Fitness gym ten minutes later. Wait. Is this Slauson? NTC with Monica Benyamin(Fit Moni B) was in full swing.

Class may have been light in attendance(I’m guessing World Cup fever) but she made up for it by throwing out drill after drill with emphasis on utilizing space.

I must have looked like I was in a fog because at one point she came over and asked, “Are you guys okay?” I wanted to say no. That my body was there but all I could think about was sleep. I issued a quick, “Yeah” and put out an APB for my mind.

Eventually the two would meet and my smoothie kicked in. Walking lunges while doing an overhead shoulder press(weights), partner pistol squats and Breezy in the background reminding us to “Drop it low girl” as we moved the ground laterally.


An hour later I would go from doing lateral jumps and mountain climbers to Warrior One and Half Moon poses. It was time for yoga with Fusako. I had not planned on back-to-back sessions today. Grabbing my yoga mat earlier merely out of habit.

By the second hour my energy had slightly returned thanks to the heart rate lifting activity in NTC. My flow wasn’t effortless. But it wasn’t ragged either. I listened closely as Fusako softly guided us through each pose. I love how she incorporates Iyengar, Ashtanga and Restorative into the vibe. The hour melted into a much needed Shavasana at the end as I smiled inwardly.

After class she even placed her knee in my lower back to ease some of the pain and stiffness. Today was not my normal power round of fitness. I can offer up a few reasons why. But I won’t because I showed up anyway.

Now if only I could find that dry cleaning ticket. “I’m gonna need my suit by this time next week.”



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