Saturday Green

Running late this morning. No worries. I’m in such a grand mood. Not much sleep these past couple of days. No gym classes since Thursday. Workflow. Deep sigh in. Big smile out.

Had to whip up a morning green before heading out the door. My day feels off balanced if I don’t. This a great tasting one. Replacing coconut water with almond milk gives me that extra kick. Electrolytes vibe intact.

Found a great chia pudding recipe last night. Threw all the ingredients into my smallest Nutribullet cup to refrigerate once I get to work. Will let you know how it turns out.



6 thoughts on “Saturday Green

  1. Haha, I just made a chia pudding for the first time yesterday, in my smallest nutribullet cup too : ) Refrigerated overnight, and I gotta say, delicious, if slightly runny (I didn’t follow any recipe) – how did your turn out?

  2. Yeah. Mine too. Even after leaving it in the fridge for the required four hours. Runny but yummy. Ha! Using glass mason jars is the key I think. Gonna try it again after I snag a few. Thanks for reading Catherine. Glad someone else had the same idea about the NB cup.

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