PowerZone Slams Bodyfactory


This shouldn’t take long. PowerZone is better than Bodyfactory. Enough said.
Okay, I will elaborate. Dang it. My clay mask is starting to crack. I’ll do my best to sum it up in five minutes or less. That’s about how long I’m guessing I have before the skin around my eyes begin to mirror a Botox puppet.


At first glance Bodyfactory and PowerZone appear the same. A one stop shop for all things nutrition. Supplements, protein powder, shakes, juices and every kind of bar imaginable. Both are located in West Hollywood facing each other on opposite sides of Santa Monica boulevard. Insert irony here.

Bodyfactory has another location in Hollywood. Been there too. Less than impressed. Again.

While PowerZone clearly has found its fitness and sports nutrition niche in the community, Bodyfactory seems all over the place. I can’t figure out their target market. Upon entering their store you’re hit with so many unrelated products that you immediately forget why you stepped in there in the first place.

But if you wanted to buy a candle, a toy for your beloved Frenchie, a book for a person who doesn’t necessarily read, all the while waiting for your drink to be delivered in a very tall styrofoam cup at the other end of the counter then you’ve hit the jackpot. Just not sure if you’ve won anything.


Reasons why PowerZone is so much better:
•Staff is always knowledgeable and polite. Great customer service is key.
•They make ridiculously good drinks that are served in eco-friendly clear cups(Earthchoice)
•They have an alkaline water refilling station. Reasonably priced.


I could go on and on. Instead I will end my hit parade here. So if you’re in WeHo getting your cycle on at Flywheel or finishing up a Pilates class with Yulia at 24HR Fitness, stop by PowerZone for a well-blended protein shake. My fave is the PB & J made with almond milk, mixed berries and chocolate Plant Fusion(vegan protein).


Tell ’em the bald chick with the bright pants sent ‘ya. I’m sure they’ll leave the alkaline on.


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