Tuesday Green


I know. I know. It’s Wednesday. Life is random like that. Especially if you’re walking around inside of my head. Welcome. No cellphones allowed. It’s noisy enough up here.

Attempted to post last night after getting in from work. But my head was nodding in the direction of my peppermint tea while my eyes had closed the show without any further announcement.


Popped into Whole Foods in Santa Monica Sunday night in search of ice cream and water. Also wanted to see if Vega Sport Performance Protein was on sale. It was. $56.99. Score! Win! I’ll take it. Love Vega. Not always budget friendly. Definitely worth the investment.

After snagging some mint chocolate chip coconut ice cream to down before the second half of a sweaty skate session. I found myself stuck on the water aisle. Literally. There was so much more to choose from than I last remembered. Geez, I just wanted a simple bottle of water and some coconut water. And to eat my ice cream.

Random looking guy rolls up, grabs a few cans of coconut water and drops them into his cart. His Jason Mraz smile met my question marked face. The could be crooner then quickly proceeds to tell me that he’d tried all of the other coconut waters and that C2O tasted like the real thing.


I thanked him. But he had already walked back into his coolness. I spent ten more minutes deciding on the blue or green can. Pulp fiction it is. Still grabbed two cartons of O.N.E. coconut water for familiarity sake, some alkaline water and headed to the nearest 12 Items or Less checkout line before my arms fell off.

Minutes later. Back on the street. Humidity high. Nightfall. Back on my Arbor board. Healthy goodie bag secure. Smile wide. Kick. Push.

Four blocks later, “A spoon!”


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