Gym Classes Saved My Life


I’m not a gym person. Let me rephrase that. I am not a gym person. Stop furrowing your brow. It causes wrinkles.

Yes, it is true. Not a big fan of spending thoughtless hours in a big square box filled with the sounds of too many people grunting under weight they can’t lift, the endless foot pounding on competing treadmills and the blaring of the same five hip hop songs in heavy rotation.

Let’s not even talk about the smell. Enough said. But can a sista get a Air Wick at next check-in?


Alas, the group class . Group X to be exact. At least that’s what 24HR Fitness offers to its members absolutely free. Let me rephrase that. Free classes with your membership. They offer yoga, pilates, kickboxing, NTC, Bodypump and Zumba and the list goes on.


I never thought much of gym classes before I started taking them. Like most people I assumed they were out of fashion and hardly challenging. Saying this all while slowly moving my 198 pound frame to and from the kitchen. Second bottle of wine in hand. Domino’s ordered. Lifetime Movie Marathon on deck.

That was my life for about three years. Unhappy and in a loveless relationship. Eating and drinking away my feelings. It’s sort of funny when I look back. I only joined the gym to be supportive of said relationship. At the time I was in physical therapy for my knees and my therapist suggested the pool to rehab the vibe.

The ex quickly fell off the fitness wagon but I kept going. I had discovered something about the gym that I liked. Gym classes. Score! Win! Let’s get physical. Okay, way too much Olivia Newton-John on the workout playlist.

It’s been almost a year since my first Aqua Swim class with Monica Benyamin. Fit Moni B if you’re healthy. Since then I’ve added a slew of others to my fitness repertoire. NTC(Nike Training Club), kickboxing, pilates, yoga, cycle and Zumba are some of my favorites. Bodypump, Turbo Kick and Body Attack, not so much.

I’ve taken some great classes taught by highly certified instructors. Most are certified in more than one area of fitness and teach a variety of classes. Their passion is evident and they are the reason why I started an Instagram page back in January and most recently this blog.


I wanted to share my enthusiasm for taking gym classes while showcasing their talent. My life has changed so much since that first dip in the pool. Have to say it’s all been good. Even the injuries as the result of overtraining and not listening to my body. I’ve met some amazingly cool people along the way.


Gym classes are fun, challenging(hard as hell) and always evolving. I couldn’t imagine not doing them. The benefits have been enormous. Having a daily fitness regimen has brought a certain balance to my life that far outweighs just having a smaller frame and a few muscles here and there. Yes, it is true. They saved my life.



7 thoughts on “Gym Classes Saved My Life

  1. Okay. This made me cry a little. Lol annnd laugh. Love hearing ones journey. It pretty much sums up why I love what I do! Thank you, Shon! ♡

  2. You rock Monica! It was your class that started it all for me. I’ll never forget that. And thanks for reading. I didn’t intend for it to be this long.

  3. Yes, the things/moments you never forget. I remember the aqua life. You were very focused on YOU. Blog is not long at all. I don’t know what’s considered too long or too short. The important part is that you get your point/heart across, and that is what I pick up. Keep the creative fires flowing! 😉

  4. Love all of this shon! Wonderful read on my vacay! Ps didnt know we have monica’s aqua classes (as our first fitness journey attempt classes) in common !! =) That is how i started as well!

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