Started reading “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas N. Graham last night. I will admit that I didn’t get much further than the introduction before my eyes began to close voluntarily. Not because I found it uninteresting. More like I’d just showered off my long day of skating, people avoiding and moon watching and unbeknownst to me my body had gone past chill mode into a dead sleep.

First off let me be clear. I don’t believe in diets. They don’t work because they teach the individual restriction instead of how to develop healthier eating habits over a period of time. Through the years I’ve watched friends jump from one diet to the next with little or no results. And if so they weren’t lasting. Hurling them back into an even heavier state of weight gain, depression and emotional eating.


I will treat my current read same as other books I have sought information from in the past. They are educational tools that I continue to borrow from in order to improve health and enhance body function.


Along the way I’ve discovered a few things that I didn’t have knowledge of before reading said books. Journaling my food intake, initially, helped me weed out the food and drink that was harming my body. I need to get back on that. I saw great results in terms of weight loss while learning how to properly fuel my body in between workouts.

The raw vegan vibe or being a juice head, also not my cup of tea. But I now have at least one green juice or smoothie a day and eat less cooked food because it tends to leave me feeling bloated and lethargic if I consume too much in a day.


Guess what I’m saying is that no one book, plan or diet is perfect. Although, “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell, is damn near close because it’s so informationally eye opening. Stick it in your library.

I suggest you read, research and discover on your own. Then and only then will you find what works or doesn’t work for you.

Ironically I heard about “The 80/10/10 Diet” not quite two years ago from a young woman standing in the same Barnes & Noble where I made my purchase recently.

She went on and on about its life changing benefits and how she followed it. I listened half-heartedly but I didn’t buy that day. I flipped through its pages but it all seemed overwhelming and restrictive at the time.

Today I’m equipped with more information and work hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle daily. Between the cravings and sometimes just outright laziness I sometimes fail. Other days I succeed. I celebrate it all because it means I am investing in myself. And I’m cool with that.


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