Fun Times At NTC High


Wait. Did I miss the first bell ringing signaling the start of everybody’s favorite gym class NTC? Nope. I am right on time.

Enters gym class teacher, and also one of the best NTC instructors, Monica Benyamin. Clad in the freshest Nike gear and toting a gallon of alkaline water. You can call her Fit Moni B or just plain Monica. She’s cool like that. What she’s not cool with is blatant absenteeism, arriving super late to class or saying, “I can’t.” Ummm…maybe those are my personal peeves.


After surveying the room she does a quick roll call to recognize any new students and welcome back NTC regulars. We start off with laps around the room. Changing directions at some point. I don’t really remember because it all happened so fast.

Sunday’s theme was all about planks. Jumping planks, forearm planks, side planks, invisible planks…Yes, at one point I had an outer body experience while levitating above the already panting students.

Monica drilled right and left. Yelling, “Grab your weights. Push up position. Squat hold. Boxer shuffle. Keep moving. Face me. Watch the next demo.” An assortment of drills followed. This went on for at least two class periods. Okay, it was an hour. But it felt like two.

Prom king and queen, Roosevelt and Ashanti, were holding court in the front of the class. Setting that fit example. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the hoop star and head cheerleader.


Didn’t have much left in my tank by the end of class. So Mike from San Diego, “Voted Most Likely To Succeed”, came over to help me finish the burpee challenge(doing your age amount). And it’s a good thing he did. Or I’d still be down there.



2 thoughts on “Fun Times At NTC High

  1. I’m rolling over here. Love this blog! Especially the outer body experience. KEEP WRITING PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSE! *Sharing on fb again. 😉

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