Hot8 Yoga


Friday. Gym bag packed. Hadn’t decided if I was going to slip into Barry’s Bootcamp unnoticed or check out Flywheel for the first time. WeHo status.

Midway through yet another day of mind numbing retail, a coworker invited me to her Yoga Sculpt class taking place later that evening. I’m always up for an invite. Especially when it just screams spontaneity. So I quickly said yes. Then she said something about Hot8 Yoga and I remember losing my hearing in one ear. The one obviously closest to her.


Wait. What? Let me get this straight. Yoga sculpt is yoga with weights and cardio? In the heat? After a silent pause, unacknowledged by Paula, I signed on. Again.

Glad I did. It was one of the best “first time” experiences I’ve ever had. From
the moment I walked into the Beverly Hills studio everything just flowed. Pun intended.


Natasha at the front desk made my check-in effortless while answering my few questions. I had to pay two dollars to rent a mat. Earlier that morning I’d unpacked my own yoga mat anticipating a different type of workout. The irony.

The studio was very clean. Organized. And well lit. Score. 10. I’d seen Rahm, the instructor, earlier hanging out behind the front desk. Of course I didn’t know it at the time. But I was immediately drawn to his energy. There was a lightness to his vibe.

During class he kept the pace pretty moderate. At times rapid. Although I was new to hot yoga I was not new to yoga. Thank goodness for my cross training when it came time to use the weights and do mountain climbers in between the myriad of poses. Rahm was excellent in the transitions and offered modifications for each one. Score. 10.

I hardly noticed the heat. But for those moments when my heart rate seemed a bit too fast or my breathing a little ragged, I simply slowed down until I could regain control of it and my movement. You see boys and girls, yoga is all about the breath work.

In between poses I sipped on cold water to stay hydrated. Made the mistake of gulping a couple of times and was hit with a slight wave of nausea. After class I quickly got a headache that only seemed to last long enough for the ride back to Culver City. Toxins being released is my guess.


A few reasons while I return to Hot8 Yoga. This location in particular. They offer eucalyptus face towels to be used during class to keep you feeling cool and refreshed. Grab only one as a courtesy to other yogis as the sign kindly suggested. Rahm’s class absolutely rocks. There’s complimentary iced lemon water right outside the door. And…wait for it…There’s a Pressed Juicery inside along with an array of snacks. I love a good snack y’all. Score. 10.



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