Back On Track


Wednesday night back-to-back sessions of NTC and kickboxing marked my return back into the ring of fitness. Not that I had fallen off completely. I just wasn’t being as consistent as before.

Not to mention scarfing down vegan cookies at every stress turn was clearly not helping.

I’d begun working on my book again which always requires a different type of energy. I tend to want to stay inside and write all day. Avoid all people and useless conversations while wrestling with the idea of sleep. I literally become a different person. Fitness and eating clean tend to become less of a priority as I settle into that mood all too familiar to those who write.


Something happened that made me reshift my focus back to what had saved my life before. I had begun to notice weight gain around my middle. A constant struggle as you get older. My skinny jeans had become a bit snug. I also wasn’t having my daily green juice or smoothie. Not to mention I just didn’t feel good. Mentally or physically. My spirit meter was off.

I decided to get my ass back to class. Just like that. I recommitted to doing multiple classes on my days off. I love the physical challenge and it tends to put other areas of my life into perspective. Back-to-back sessions also improve my single workout days because I tend to go harder.


NTC and kickboxing are two beastly classes. High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) combined with weights, calistenthics and functional strength training drills. Not for the faint hearted.


Fitness is no longer a priority. It has become a lifestyle. I recognize that again. With each days passing I continue to seek a balance in all things that give my life meaning and purpose. One does not fit without the other. I love my life.


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