Thursday Green


Discovered this lovely concoction as the result of having no groceries. In other words “kitchen sink” vibe. I’ve made a few of these before with whatever I might have on hand at the time. Usually tossing all of the ingredients into Old Faithful, pet name for my Nutribullet, while praying for a palate pleasing miracle.

News flash. That rarely happens. Until today. This morning I was feeling especially sore after doing back-to-back sessions of NTC and kickboxing on Wednesday night. Also was moving a bit slower than usual.

As I tossed in each item I was reminded of their health benefits. Kale and cinnamon are great for reducing inflammation. Spinach and pineapple keeps the skin looking all fresh to def. And the dates gave me that natural energy kick that I needed to push my board down Culver.

I didn’t add any Vega Sports Performance Protein because I’m out of that too. Chocolate is my fave. So I didn’t know how I’d feel after drinking it. Needless to say it was probably one of the best tasting smoothies I’ve ever made. It also filled me up. Win!


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