Love and Kickboxing


When I walked into kickboxing last night I had a lot on my mind. Not unusual. Heavy. Mercurial vibe ever present.

I’d called Jeremy, my gym boo, an hour before and asked him to save me a spot. Wishful thinking on a Monday night at 7:00. That is when Taj Faataji(@tajexperience) does his thing. His classes fill up quickly. It was still worth a shot.

I needed to kick or punch my way out of whatever was trying to bring my spirit down. Workflow. All day shenanigans. Drama for which there is no award. Or reward if I might add. “Rise above it Shon”, is what I kept telling myself throughout
the day. And I did. But heavy were my thoughts and heart still.

I arrived at the 24HR Fitness on Slauson at 6:50. Ten minutes until class started. Checked in at the front desk. Made a mad dash for the locker room and did my best Superman. No phone booth. Empty bathroom stall instead.

Quickly headed to the third floor where all the Group X classes are held. The moment I crossed the threshold I was greeted with wide smiles and a few cheers. I returned the favor with a couple of foot stomps of my own, some high fives and at least three mini hugs as I made my way over to the spot next to Jeremy.


For the next hour I thought of nothing else. Not work. Unhappy people. How much my sugar cravings have increased. Life decisions. Or my longing for a deeper connection to whatever it is I’m suppose to be doing while here on Earth.

None of that mattered. My body had taken over. Allowing my mind to rest. Even if only for an hour.

In between the seemingly never ending series of squats, right crosses and back kicks I found myself coming back into focus.
I began to see the person that I had set out to become over a year ago while still at the beginning stages of my fitness journey.

Now begins the spiritual journey. I realized this yesterday. This stage of the journey requires forgiveness and acceptance. A lot. This is a hard one for me because i question everything. I always want to know the “whys” and “hows” when sometimes there is no reasoning behind people’s words or actions. Life just is.


Taj solidified the moment by playing Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” during the cool down. I believe in signs. And this was a clear one. At the end of the song, Stevie states, “Love is very peaceful”. I agree. Working on that.


Love ‘s In Need Of Love Today


6 thoughts on “Love and Kickboxing

  1. #teamnoquit

    Remember when you run out of doubt it opens a door of answers . You are your own light allow it to shine on to others -with love chino

  2. Well said and definitely a message that resonates with anyone who reads it! The journey in fitness is parallel to the one of life in that in acceptance and love comes change and change is where we learn who we were, are, and will become. Thank you for this message!

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