Last night’s Bodypump class with Tristan(@iamtristanw on THE GRAM) was pretty groovy. At least until I began to experience that painful cracking sound in both elbows that always happens whenever I lift.

One of the many reasons why I don’t weight train. It’s never pretty. And is always painful. Before you ask, yes I pay close attention to my form while concentrating on making slow precise movements.

So does Tristan. It’s one of the things I like about him. He places a huge emphasis on proper form, stacking weight on the bar that you can handle and periodically walks around the class to correct students form.


This is my second Bodypump class with Tristan. My first experience was not good. At all. Different instructor. It took me almost six months to try it again. Glad I did. Tristan is amazing. His classes fill up quickly. So get there early. I know I will.

In between time gonna have these singing elbows of mine checked out. Medical vibe. Health first kids.


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