Barry’s Bootcamp


Yesterday. No gym classes. Skinny jeans. White tee. Pant roll. Nike trainers. Arbor longboard underfoot. Minimalist vibe on lock. No real destination in mind besides popping in to see my very creative hair artist Tatum.

I love days like this. I go wherever it takes me. Had plans to do the whole mani/pedi vibe after proving that blondes do have more fun. Then ditched the idea. The very thought of having to sit still for over an hour while sucking up “god knows what fumes” in between an exchange of awkward smiles was unappealing. It was another beautifully rad day in L.A. Kick. Push.


Landed in Weho. West Hollywood for the uninitiated. Remembering that I still had a Barry’s Bootcamp card on my key ring I decided to swing by. I hadn’t been in almost two years. Remnants of a relationship that is now blurred.

Supposedly the classes never expire. Guess what? They don’t. Turns out I still have nine left. I was beyond stoked. I love throwing a monkey wrench into my gym routine. Which is never routine by the way.

Gotta keep it movin’ if you want your body to change. I’ve learned that along the way on this ever changing but always life improving fitness journey of mine.



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