24HR Fitness La Cienega Sport


Love this gym! When I’m here, I’m home. Tonight’s gym class was kickboxing at 7:00 PM with Taj Faataji(@tajexperience on THE GRAM) at 24HR Fitness 5045 W. Slauson Ave.

Hadn’t been in a few weeks. Workflow. Write life. Wrong time. Daydreaming. No stars. The mundaneness of it all.

The moment I stepped into La Cienega Sport, all was good. Familiar faces. Big smiles. Small hugs. Sincerity served up on one big sweaty towel.


And sweat we did. For one hour we kicked, punched, jabbed, hooked, “hit the jacks”, “move the ground”, all Taj sayings, threw combinations, dropped it low(squat city y’all), did high knee runs in between touch-the-floor squat jumps. Whew!

I don’t remember the rest because delirium had begun to set in. At one point I was panting so loudly I thought I had stopped breathing.


My eyes stung from the sweat while my throat threatened to close. Did my best not to focus on the fact that my water was not within reach. Instead I heard Jeremy shouting encouragement. Watched Kevin who’s form is always perfect. And saw Ashlee “face off” with a friend as a form of motivation.


This was my gym fam. Doing what they do best. Encourage. Support. Motivate. I smiled and pushed even harder.



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