Step Up Yo Fitness Game


Wanna shake up your gym routine? Start taking gym classes. They’re interesting, fun and challenging. Correction. They’re a painful departure from your normal stagnancy of lifting weights and running on the treadmill.
You will be grimacing. Ummm…Oh yeah, and they’re hard as hell.


This morning’s NTC Step class with Monica Benyamin(Fit Moni B on Facebook @egyptiangoddessmb on THE GRAM) was no exception.

She transformed that Group X space into a mini obstacle course for an hour long, nonstop session of explosive step moves, speed and agility drills combined with functional strength training drills.


The large class was split up into two groups. Switching every two minutes to fly through training cones, do Russian twists, burpees, plank twists with weights, dead lifts, squat jumps, swivel kicks and squat-leaping-with-a-jumping-jack-in-between onto and over the step. Just to name a few.

I laugh every time I hear someone scoff at gym classes, “I don’t do cardio bro’.” Well, first of all I’m not your bro. Second of all maybe you should reconsider. Unless you like having chicken legs, no real upper body strength and zero stamina or endurance.


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