Who’s more stoked than me this morning heading to NTC? It’s Nike Training Club if you aren’t already hip.

This morning’s sesh is with the very amazing Monica Benyamin( Fit Moni B on FACEBOOK @egyptiangoddessmb on THE GRAM).

A regular NTC class is challenging enough with it’s slew of nonstop drills accompanied by light weights. Don’t let the light weights fool ya’.

It is an intense full body workout with the intent of stressing out the muscles. And yes my friend you will feel it.

Now take several rounds of burpees, different variations of pushups, squats and pretty much the entire calistenthics kitchen sink and throw a step into the mix and you’ve got NTC STEP.

This ain’t yo’ mama’s step aerobic class from back in the day. You’ve been warned. Enough said.


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