Vegans…You Gots To Chill


Yes, I am a vegan. No, I didn’t choose to become one. My body did.

After years of emotional eating, heavy drinking and moving way too less my body began to break down.

I didn’t move the same way. I lumbered. I suffered with headaches and nosebleeds. My joints ached all of the time as I continued to swell.

After a bit of research, I love to do research, I discovered that pretty much everything I was consuming was either creating inflammation or causing allergic reactions in my body.

I made the connection by journaling my curiosity. Along the way I’ve loved and hated the whole “vegan” thing. More on that in a much later post. I’ve rambled long enough.

I’m not new to the plant eating vibe. I’ve dabbled over the years. But would never commit to an actual lifestyle change. Until now.

A student of life I will forever be. No soapbox perching or preaching from me.


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